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Surf Sustinable.
Staying or living at KAIYU


Our concept is "SU".

In Japanese "Su" means "Natural", "Simple" or "being yourself".

"KAIYU" means ocean healing.

A hot Spring that flows directly from the source 1 km from within the earth, heated with recycled firewood, and accommodations close to nature,

"KAIYU" is a natural power hot spring resort where you can enrich your body and soul.


What’s your image of "SU"?

Bare hands and bare feet, skin diving, organic materials,


When you visit KAIYU, your heart may become a little softer than usual,

and you will gently be reminded of your "SU".

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Sit back and relax!

In front of you lies a beautiful beach「Ohki beach」

A pristine beach with 1.5 kilometers of picturesque fine-grained sand.

Abundant nature that purifies the mind and body.

You can say "I'm home" as if you were back in the countryside.

And stay like living.

We can always say "Welcome back".

This is what we strive to be.

Do you feel something is missing?

What are you missing in your daily life?

The feeling of waking up naturally with the rising sun,

and falling asleep naturally when it gets dark. 


Aged beautification.

Even if it is old or broken, it can be repaired and used again and again.

Waste wood and driftwood is used for renovations and to make new things.

This recycling of  to be close discarded wood brings us closer to nature.

Natural healing power hot spring

Our hot spring is heated with recycled firewood.

A natural therapeutic hot spring that combines the advantages of skin care, with its natural hydro carbonic acid,

and natural A salt spring that keeps the the heat of the body warm.

Long stays and Worcation

A room where you can spend your time relaxing and working, an environment that nurtures both the body and the earth.

All rooms have a kitchenette, fridge, bath and toilet.

Sshort,  term as well as for a medium orto long term stays as if you were livingfor living & working remotely.

Enjoying your time at KAIYU

Snorkeling in the sea around ​​Oki full of vitality.

A place where sea turtles visit and spawn. One of the rare beaches in Japan where you can find natural clamshells. 

Explore a secret river.

A majestic sunrise climbing from the horizon. The magic hour of the setting sun over the mountain shadow.

A true retreat where nature is alive.

The beauty, majesty, and strength will surely change your view.