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Snuggle up with people and nature.

What is true happiness?

Surf Sustainable.

Staying or living at KAIYU.

Mitsuhiro Okada / Taeko Okada
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KAIYU is a family-run inn.

Our goal is to provide a simple lifestyle where you can feel nature We are working to create a quiet atmosphere where you can connect and return to "yourself."


Traditional Japanese customs have cherished nature and appreciated the boons of nature for a long time. Recently, we are losing this precious perspective and heading for "richness" without thinking what is "rich" for you. We need to ask ourselves, what is the real meaning of an affluent life , and what should we leave to our future children. Those are very simple, root questions that we all need to think about. We appreciate technology and also appreciate nature. We want to find the best balance to create a sustainable lifestyle in Japan.


  • Appreciate the boon of nature and understand the life-cycle that we can live because we eat living life. Be kind to others, cooperate with each other, and try to create a place where everyone can enjoy their life and express themselves.

  • Instead of pursuing conveniences, go back to the "dear old home" and live with the community.

  • Retain a healthy body and spirit, and appreciate small happiness in your everyday life.

  • Respect mother nature, play and learn from it, and aim for a sustainable life style.

  • Being moderate, be rich who has few wants. Realize that enough is enough. If we reject  possessiveness, then our life can become more sustainable.

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