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Hot Spring

A hot spring that enhances the natural healing power.

KAIYU's hot spring comes from 1000m underground which contains lots of hydro carbonic acid and natural salty elements. The hydro carbonic acid would make your skin smooth and moisturized, and the natural salty elements would keep your body warm for a long time after taking bath. We value the power of water, so we do not reuse the hot water like other hot spring facilities do, but take directly from the source and use the fresh one. Also, we use firewood to boil the hot spring water which we believe to make the water smoother and powerful. 

We are very proud of our hot spring as
we know that it has the power to heal people.

We are particular about "hot water" and burn firewood using waste materials every hour.
It is said that hot water boiled with firewood is difficult to cool due to the far-infrared effect.
Reusing the wood came from dead houses.

All the stones in the bathtub are granite that emits far infrared rays.
It warms the core of the body and enhances the natural healing power.

The hot springs and lobby also overlook the sea through the garden, and the wind from the mountains passes through.
Natural tiles and cedar that feel good on bare feet.
A comfortable space that does not rely on heating and cooling.
The entire hot spring facility is sustainable and barrier-free.

<Usage guide>
If you want to use only the hot springs, you can reserve it by reservation.
Please contact us by email.
Family bath (chartered): 5000 yen / 1 hour (wheelchair-accessible barrier-free)

■ Usage time: Until 18:00 ■ Regular holiday: Irregular holiday

◎ Additive-free pure soap that is safe for babies who can wash their body and hair ◎ Rental towel

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